4th Vocational High School Heraklion

4th Vocational High School (Evening) of Heraklion serves consequently technique vocational education for the last thirty (30) years. Totally, more than 3.500 students have graduated from our school. The laboratorial courses of the sectors: Structural Projects and Health & Providence are carried out in 2nd School Laboratorial Center, that allocates for the needs of courses: 4 Structural Project Laboratories and 2 Health and Providence Laboratories . Our specialities are Employees of Administration and Economic Services, Employees of Tourist Enterprises, Mechanical Installation and construction, Technician Technical Engineer of Thermal Installations, Oil and Gas  Technical cooling installations, Ventilation and Air Conditioning,  Vehicle, Speciality of Electrical Systems, Installations and NetworksTechnician, Speciality of Designer Structural Engineering and Geomatics, Specialities of Nurse's Assistant Child Carers Assistant.

In our School 58 professors of Secondary Education teach 12 different specialities with multiannual experience in the Technical and Professional Education. This year about 500 students are attending our courses. The average age of students is 24 years. Students of our school are workers or unemployed.

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SZMSZC Klapka György Technical and Vocational School

Our school - SZMSZC Klapka György Technical and Vocational School - is located in Jászberény, about 80 km-s from the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Here there are 2 types of secondary education: vocational and technical sections. We have got about 600 students, 45 teachers and trainers. The ages of the students are between 14 and 20. Various activities and functions are held all the year round.  Students are invited from every part of the countryside to learn different skills necessary to enable to find working place. The school offers 25 different professions, the students are taught the skills needed for a particular job, for example cooks, waiters, turners or car mechanics. There are five grades: 1 is considered a fail and 5 is the top grade. While our pupil is permitted to leave school at 16, most continue to 17-18 years of age and start to work after leaving the school as skilled workers.

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II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Gustawa Gizewiusza

II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Gustawa Gizewiusza is a three-year secondary school of general education for pupils aged 16-19 years old. Our main objective is to prepare pupils successfully to the external examination called ‘Matura’ which enables them to apply to schools of higher education and universities. We educate about 250 pupils from Giżycko and regions around the town. Our school authority provide two dormitories on the area of town for pupils commuting to school. Since 2012 our school has started to participate actively in European Union Programmes: Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. Our pupils are involved in organising school events, taking pride in school traditions. They participate in a lot of sports competitions and win leading awards. They publish a school bulletin, act in a school theatre group consisting of several very enthusiastic young people and give performances for the school and local community on many occasions. The school established a close cooperation with the Foundation for the Protection of the Great Masurian Lakes. Every year pupils take part in Clean Up the World Day. Moreover, they volunteer in the Noble Box Project charity and are engaged in collecting food and clothes for people in need.

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SOŠE Trnava

A secondary modern school of energetics in Trnava was instituted by Slovak supply undertaking Bratislava, September the 1st 1982. The job of the school is to prepare youth to perform skilled professions, for all offices and organisations. Our school-time is komplex and is divided into a theroretical part and a practical one. Our school is available to use a moderm building, workrooms, board and logging, sportshall, sportplaces and fitness-center. Fields of study : electrician mechanic, network mechanic, mechanic of machinery equipment, mechanic of gas equipment, electrician of distribution network, electrician of machinery, electrician of electronics, technical - clerical personnel, electrician and service of machines and equipment. Our school operate evening studium and retraining schemes too . Here is our short video presentation:

Gülşehir Şehit Hamide Sibel Çetinkaya Anadolu Lisesi

Our school is a secondary school which is located in the region called Cappadocia - Gülsehir. The town is only 5 minutes drive away from the Cappadocia Airport. We are in the central Anatolia. Cappadocia is about 250 km away from the capital - Ankara or 45 minutes from Kayseri - industrial city. Our region is in the list of World Heritage, not only because of its famous historical places but also the spectacular views. Presentation of our school you can find here.

Gülsehir Anadolu Lisesi is a public, four-year co-educational school founded in 2009. The language of instruction is Turkish. In the second and third place, the offered foreign languages are English and German . Recruitment to the school is based on the National Preliminary Examination, the result of which determines the admission to our facility. The school employs 30 teachers and educates 455 students aged between 14-18. We have 16 classes. Yearbook 9 and 10 are taught all subjects, and in the 11th and 12th grade students make choices from among the class profile, such as science and mathematics, mathematics and social studies, English as a foreign language. We are very active in sports and music.