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CommonsLab Makerspace Greece

During our first mobility we visited the CommonsLab Makerspace which is an open collaborative space for the exchange of knowledge and creativity. We had the chance to see 3D printers, a CNC router, various Raspberry Pi and Arduino micro-controllers as well as electronic equipment, which are suitable for teaching and learning. The team of the CommonsLab presented us the philosophy of commons, as it is a member of the organizing team of CommonsFest. All the participants were excited with the visit in CommonsLab Makerspace. 

Foundation for Research and Technology Greece

We had the chance to visit the Foundation for Research and Technology, which is a research center in Greece, supervised by the Ministry for Education through its General Secretariat for Research and Technology. It consists of seven research institutes. We visited the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB). IMBB is an internationally known and highly competitive research institute, with an outstanding track record, modern infrastructure and a broad range of research, development and educational activities. In a recent evaluation by a committee of foreign experts, it was ranked first among all Greek research institutes.  More info:

Ata Bilgisayar Turkey

On Wednesday 20.9.2017 we were travelling througth the Capital of Cappadoccia - the town Nevsehir, and we took a stop at the ICT company Ata Bilgisayar.  

The company has 2 fields of activity: to sell hardware to people or other companies and to develop software for special GPS trackers usable for school busses, taxi cabs etc. The headprogrammer of the company gave us a warm welcome. He explained us some facts about the company, showed us the hardware of GPS trackers and told us about the systems, they were developing. Their unique GPS school bus system seems to be very inspiring. 

During the second part of our visit he made an introduction to the world of programming. He uses php programming language and he made a dynamic webpage using php. At the end we could ask a few questions, and the staff of the company was so kind to give us small souvenirs with their logo. After taking a photo together we said goodbye to each other. 

Thanks to the Erasmus+ Project we can develop our ICT knowledge and programming skills in practically-oriented ways of education.

LLARIK Slovakia

LLARIK, s.r.o. Is a Slovak company. It specializes in the development and supply of economic information systems and the provision of comprehensive information technology services. It has been operating in the software applications market since 1993.

Since its inception, the company has been developing and distributing an economic information system that adapts flexibly to the demands of its clients. The motto of the company is: "Not the number of customers, but their satisfaction is the first for us."

The main focus of the company is the provision of comprehensive services in the field of development and supply of economic information systems. Under complexity it understands not only the implementation of the information system according to the client's requirements. Complexity is a much broader concept and includes the following services:

  • Optimizing and streamlining all internal client processes
  • Adapting the information system to the individual requirements of the client
  • Automation of the connection of information systems with the Internet shop
  • On-line service and advice.

The EIB LLARIK system is especially designed for companies, which have a large volume of data and multiple operations. It is mostly about wholesale companies trading B2B (wholesale), often in combination with B2C (retail). The system is also implemented in manufacturing companies where it addresses the automation of the interconnection of production, business and economics.

We visited the company 27.april 2017. To take a video was not permittes, so here are a few photos from our visit:

KÁTA CNC., Hungary

KÁTA CNC. was established in 1997, now the company is the largest employer in the settlement. The company's main profile at the beginning has been the production of different equipment of car production and automotive climate systems, now they supply ICT solutions using the latest technological advances and business trends – we visited the ICT department of the firm where we got information about 3D printing as the 3D printing industry encompasses many forms of technologies and materials. They said when most people think of 3D printing they are thinking of a simple desktop FDM printer but that’s not the entire picture. 3D printing can be divided into metal, fabrics, bio and a whole host of other industries. For this reason, it’s important to see it as a cluster of diverse industries with a myriad of different applications. Finally, the visitors got plastic foxes as a souvenir what were made by the company with using of 3D printer.

The visitors could inform that in the past years, the company has participated in a number of major ICT projects as a principal contractor and consortium leader. We visited the company 15 November 2017. Taking video and photos were not permitted inside the company due to the strict regulations. For more info:

Alnea Company in Stawiguda, Poland

During the mobility in Poland, on 11 June 20018, our Erasmus+ project group visited Alnea Company in Stawiguda specialising in selective soldering of the equipment for specific customer needs. The company delivers equipment for electrical, pneumatic and mechanical tests, robotic stations, production lines and automatic and semiautomatic assembly stations. Alnea made a patent application for the soldering controller ZEUS-100. Their core competence is using SCADA systems and programming in LabView environment. They are a certified partner of KUKA and National Instruments companies. The Managing Director Mr. Krzysztof Kamiński provided a lecture for all teachers and students on innovation, robotization and automation of production. We saw robotic workstations, assembly stations and the work of programmers who shared with us their passion for programming robots and machines.