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SOŠE Trnava
We dare to present to you a secondary modern school of energetics in Trnava


Our school

A secondary modern school of energetics in Trnava was instituted by Slovak supply undertaking Bratislava, September the 1st 1982.

The job of the school is to prepare youth to perform skilled professions, for all offices and organisations. Our school-time is komplex and is divided into a theroretical part and a practical one.

Our school is available to use a moderm building, workrooms, board and logging, sportshall, sportplaces and fitness-center.

Fields of study :

2697 4 electrician mechanic

2682 4 network mechanic


2466 2 01 mechanic of machinery equipment

2466 2 02 mechanic of gas equipment

2683 2 03 electrician of distribution network

2683 2 04 electrician of machinery

2686 2 00 electrician of electronics

2687 2 00 autoelectrician

6475 2 00 technical - clerical personnel

Institute and evening studium :

2675 4 electrician

6476 4 technical - clerical personnel

2417 4 service of machines and equipment

Our school operate evening studium and retraining schemes too .


Director: Ing. Štefan Bílik


for theoretical school-time: RNDr. Ing. Iveta Bakičová, Ing. Ružena Pecková
for practical school-time: Ing. Emil Petruš
for economy: Mgr. Magdaléna Pélyová
We are looking schools for partnership and co-operation!!!